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    What makes our

    Social Media Services

    • Social Media Advertising

      Our team helps businesses and individuals whether they simply want loyal followers and want to increase their presence on social media or want to drive sales through advertising on social media by generating solid leads.

    • Enterprise Social Media Advertising

      This service helps our clients generate exceptional results with the coverage of full spectrum of social media, from Twitter to Facebook and Instagram to YouTube & LinkedIn.

    • Social Media Management

      Effectively managing the social media channels with the power of of AI, our team enables businesses to exact the maximum ROI from all he social media places like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram,etc.

    • Social Media Design

      When on social media, visual appeal and brand consistency is everything. Our social media Design services help our clients possess mesmerising graphics
      and a consistency that generates organic brand following.

    • Youtube Advertising Services

      Our team helps our clients build their brand awareness, attract leads and also generate sales from the advertising services available for YouTube, which is a massive and very versatile social media platform.

    • Online Review Acceleration

      With more and more customers relying on online reviews to make a purchase decision, our team helps businesses to manage and respond to their online reviews with our online review acceleration services to gain maximum sales
      and ensure happy customers.

    What Clients Say

    David Hopkins

    Kenzera’s social media services are a work of art. They have absolutely mastered it.

    Andrew Hudson

    The social media coverage that Kenzera has brought us is just next level. Highly

    Tony Bowers

    The finesse with which team Kenzera overhauled our social media game is beyond our grasp. An absolute gold investment.

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    We Focused on Results

    So you can enjoy Digital Marketing That Drives Revenue.

    We keep it simple.

    We have devised and fine tuned a process that works best for us and
    our clients.

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      Our Social Media Services team make sure that they are well researched before they start working on the content for any client. Knowing everything related to the business and having a complete understanding of the target customers helps our team create the perfect Social Media Campaign

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      Site Audit

      Every social media campaign needs an internal audit first to make sure that the current content on the website resonates well with the content being prepared
      for social media. Content in both places has to represent the same line of thought.

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      Our Social Media Services team makes sure that all the content on website is well placed to make maximum impact on the viewers. A well positioned content piece is always going to drive in the attention of an onlooker.

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      Our Social Media Services team makes sure that all the content they create for our clients is fully optimized to take advantage of the latest SEO algorithms and end up enforcing the intended purposes of the business in every possible way.




    See our pricing below
    • Services Include:
    • 10 social posts / month
    • 1 social media networks
    • 1 personal social media consultations / month


    See our pricing below
    • Services Include:
    • 20 social posts / month
    • 2 social media networks
    • 2 personal social media consultations / month


    See our pricing below
    • Services Include:
    • 30 social posts / month
    • 3 social media networks
    • 4 personal social media consultations / month