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    What’s Included?

    What's Included In Our E-Commerce Services?

    • Goals and Targets

      Our experts first try and encapsulate the goals and targets of the business to better develop plans and strategies that work cohesively with the help of Enterprise PPC Management Services.

    • Platform Research

      Finding the best platforms for a particular business is very important as all businesses and their customers are not the same. Our team thoroughly analyses different platforms to find out which one works the best for each client and use Programmatic Advertising to create great outcomes.

    • Promotion

      We make sure that our every client gets maximum reach and profitability through a well designed and smartly executed promotional campaign crafted with PPC Services.

    • Developing Channels

      Our experts work on  developing the most efficient and productive channels to maximise profits and customer to engagement with the help of Competitor Geofencing Services

    • Optimisations

      We make sure that all the E-Commerce services we provide are completely optimised to provide maximum profits by being in sync with the latest platform

    • Monthly Reports

      We provide monthly reports to showcase the effectiveness of our work and analysis of what can be achieved.

    What Clients Say

    Linda Richards

    Kenzera has overhauled our business in a matter of days. We have new clients literally every day.

    Robert King

    I recommend Kenzera to everyone as they have been the best business partners to us and have given their absolute best to make things work for us.

    Sameera Khan

    You can take my word for it, Kenzera will help your business, no doubt!

    Featured Case

    We Focused on Results

    So you can enjoy Digital Marketing That Drives Revenue.

    We keep it simple.

    We have devised and fine tuned a process that works best for us and our clients.

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      Our E-Commerce service focuses on thorough research to find out the best ways to help your business achieve its targets. Our team makes sure that all the work that goes on the website is actually relevant and is going to make a difference.

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      Site Audit

      Our E-Commerce service makes sure that all the current content on website is absolutely tuned towards helping the client make the most of their E-Commerce presence This also helps in further development of strategies and plans to better the results.

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      Our E-Commerce service helps our clients by placing the content to maximise sales and dominate the online search space. Placement of content is everything when it comes to E-Commerce

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      Our E-Commerce team makes sure all the content on the website is absolutely optimized in accordance to the SEO practices to make sure that our clients top the search results every single time.





    See our content marketing pricing below
    • Services Include:
    • Up to 2 networks
    • Up to 5 campaigns
    • Up to 20 ads


    See our content marketing pricing below
    • Services Include:
    • Up to 3 networks
    • 5-10 campaigns
    • 20-40 ads


    See our content marketing pricing below
    • Services Include:
    • Up to 3 networks
    • 10-15 campaigns
    • 40-60 ads